Evaluating Education Professionals

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Help your child succeed in school by learning as much as you can about the effectiveness of the instruction he or she is receiving. You can do this by talking with his or her teachers and asking questions. The following guidelines will help you know what to ask as well as to find and evaluate an educational professional independent of the school if you feel that your child is not receiving adequate instructional services from a qualified teacher within the school.

How do I know if a professional is reputable or qualified?

Evaluating the qualifications and track records of services providers is difficult but necessary. Inquire about educational background, previous work experience, and special training in instructional approaches designed to address the needs of students with dyslexia.

What training credential should education professionals have in specific instructional approaches designed for students with dyslexia?

  • Certification by an accredited multisensory structured language training course

  • Documentations of levels of training completed within the training course

  • Year and Location of the training course and contact information for references from director, institute or academy.

  • Involvement in ongoing, related professional development (attending workshops and conference, serving on boards or committees, speaking at conferences, conducting workshops etc.)

Orton Gillingham tutor are only accredited by the academy of Orton Gillingham. One of the reasons the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators came into being was to provide an objective, professional assessment, by an independent third party, of the quality and adequacy of programs that profess to provide Orton-Gillingham training.