Should I have my Child Assessed?


The educational assessment will identify the appropriate learning programme based on your child’s learning needs by outlining determining factors of your child’s difficulties.

Early recognition and appropriate intervention makes a significant difference for the success in the long- term. Classroom instruction and traditional phonics tutoring are generally ineffective for remediation of dyslexia.

Dyslexia requires a more specialized, explicit, systematic and multisensory approach by qualified specialists who have experience with learning disabilities.

Dyslexia cannot be cured, but the problematic characteristics can be managed to some extent. Early intervention is the KEY to lessening the negative effects a child can experience which in turn, can severely affect their self esteem.

What is an Education Assessment

An assessment gives information on how a child performs, his/her strengths and his/her weaknesses. This is quantified by taking accurate measurements using a standardized assessment process which produces information on what a child should be capable of while displaying what he/she can actually do.

The assessment is conducted by professionals with experience in testing children of all ages. There are different assessments and a consultant will select the most appropriate.

A comprehensive assessment process may include, but is not limited to; intelligence, academic achievement, social behavior, visual skills, speech, auditory processing, motor performance, sensory and perceptual performance, and elements of language not covered in the intelligence testing. In order to fully understand a child who either has extensive difficulties or specific difficulties, a team of professional looks at the child from different perspectives.

How long will an Educational Assessment last?

Between one and three hours.

What happens in an Education Assessment?

During the assessment the examiner will ask the child to carry out a range of interesting activities which most children find enjoyable.

The activities will look at a wide range of factors that may be hindering the child’s learning experience. A diagnostic assessment should identify learning issues; from this an appropriate programme of support can be implemented.

Where to obtain a professional Education Assessment in Bangkok

In Bangkok there are two well resourced education centers that are qualified to conduct a professional educational assessment on your child.

Acorns to Oak Centre Village Education Centre

There are currently only two schools in Bangkok that have a qualified Education Psychologist within the school, that are qualified to conduct a qualified education assessment on your child .

International School of Bangkok (ISB) Ruamrudee International School Bangkok